Posted by: Janet | August 4, 2007

Hello world!

Another blog to add to my knitting blog Janet’s Thread. After my husband and I eased in to retirment, I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on my life experiences and compiling some of my reminiscences.  I toyed with the idea of publishing these memories  more formally in a book, but now that the blog world has opened up, I will put these recollections out in blog form using     


  1. Hi Janet,
    How exciting that you have started a travel log. I am so keen to read about your travels over the years and your thoughts about these experiences. I have now placed a bookmark on your travel blog and will return regularly to see what you’ve posted.

  2. Travels with Janet might not be strictly geographical travel. But the idea was to use some of the reminiscences and writing I did in the late ’90’s. For the moment it’s more like a current diary but not so much emphasis on the knitting as in the other blog. At some point I’ll go off on a tangent and incorporate some of the earlier material.

  3. Hello Jan,

    Susan Mckee has alerted me to her blogs and thus I am getting to read yours! What a great way to communicate!

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