Posted by: Janet | November 5, 2007

Larry McMurtry and Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen

I have just finished reading a wonderful book.  I am a great fan of Larry McMurtry.  Larry and I are of a similar age and perhaps that is one of the reasons why I found this book Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen, Reflections at Sixty and Beyond  Not only have I read almost all of his books but now I discover that Larry is a book lover –  a reader, a collector, and a seller.  And of course he has a deep interest in the history of the American frontier.  So many shared interests.  Where do I start? 

One point of particular interest to me was to compare the books we each read as children.  He grew up on the Great Plains in Texas with hardly a book in sight – I great up in a suburb of Boston – our house was full of books – we were all readers, the local library was practically next door, and an old fashioned book and gift store was in our neighborhood shopping area.  How different could his environment and mine have been?

to be continued

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