Posted by: Janet | November 29, 2007

Adventures in Music

Normally on a Wednesday evening I play in an adult beginner band.  Last night we didn’t meet because on the previous evening there was a concert in the National Concert Hall and many of the people in the adult beginner band had been involved in that bigger scene of the Rathfarnham Concert Band Society.  (The beginner band is not ready yet to join the other Rathfarnham Bands on stage – but that could be one of our goals.)

The concert on Tuesday night had been very enjoyable – it was a pleasure to listen to the young and not so young players play in their respective groups – the junior band, the intermediate band, the jazz band, and the senior band.  My favourite was the Jazz Band.  And there was also a very good girls choir – the Loreto Beaufort Choir.  Those girls looked as if they were really enjoying their singing.

Because I was free on Wednesday evening I took the opportunity to investigate the wind ensemble group at Newpark Music Centre where I do my clarinet and recorder lessons.  I soon found out that that group is too advanced for me so I’ll stick with my Beginner Band.  I wanted to do that anyhow but curiousity is satisfied that I’m not missing out on something bigger and better.


  1. Sometimes you just have to know for sure that you’re not missing out 🙂 Tuesday nights concert on Tuesday sounded lovely. (I really enjoy Jazz myself). Glad that you are content with your music…Love

  2. )ops, just noticed the multiple Tuesdays. Such is life with children 🙂

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