Posted by: Janet | January 1, 2008

Armstrong Sperry Revisited

Armstrong Sperry is an author I admire.  When I was growing up in Boston I read a number of his books written for children.  So now when I come across his books in 2nd hand shops or book fairs, they bring back childhood memories.  I wrote about this in my blog entry a couple of months ago – (scroll down to The Book Collector, November 5, 2007).  Over Christmas I was delighted to receive a comment from Armstrong Sperry’s granddaughter – she has a very interesting website devoted to her grandfather.

In exploring this website I found so many parallels to my own family history.  Armstrong Sperry was a New Englander – a writer, author, artist, traveller.  He was of my parents’ generation.   In 1925 he travelled to the South Pacific – an area that I had the privilege of getting to know 50 years later when we lived in Fiji.  In earlier years though much of my leisure reading was about that part of the world.  Moby Dick, Mutiny on the Bounty, Men Against the Sea, Pitcairn’s Island, just to name a few.  That part of the world had a fascination for me.  And now as 2008 dawns I look forward to reading more books set in this part of the world.

In 2007 I completed my reading of the Patrick O’Brian Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin Master and Commander 20 volume series.  At this point in time, I seem to have a fascination for naval history.  Now I have embarked on the Bolitho series of books by Alexander Kent.  When I was in Seattle over Christmas I found a treasure trove of these books.  I don’t dare reveal how many of these books I bought but I’ll tell you that my book stash is now rivalling my yarn stash.  Well, anticipation is half the fun, isn’t it?

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