Posted by: Janet | January 2, 2008

Dark at 3:30 p.m.

Here’s a lesson in geography.  We are now well past the solstice and the days should be getting longer – why is it almost dark now and it’s only half past 3 in the afternoon.  Were we spoiled by going to Seattle and finding the days so much brighter and longer compared with Dublin?  I hadn’t realized that there would be so much difference.  Dublin is latitude 53 degrees North and Seattle is latitude 47 degrees North.  In Seattle a few days ago I was quite happy to be out shopping until dusk descended as 5 o’clock approached.  Not so here in Dublin.

Here are the official sunrise and sunset times for today in Dublin

Jan 2, 2008  8:41 AM   4:17 PM     Length of the day  7h 36m 20s

And here are the stats for Seattle

Jan 2, 2008    7:58 AM    4:29 PM     Length of the day  8h 31m 15s

I know there is also a difference depending where you are located in your particular time zone – London and Dublin are in the same time zone but London is that much further east so the sunrise and sunset times differ accordingly.

Stats for London

Jan 2, 2008      8:06 AM   4:03 PM    Length of the day  7h 56m 28s

That’s it for now.  Keep looking for those signs of Spring.  I could begin to see a few in Seattle just after Christmas.  There were buds coming on the trees and shrubs.  Today in Dublin our garden had lots of birds – the trees are bare but the birds are enjoying the food I put out for them.


  1. Keep looking for those signs of Spring Janet. It’s very wet here in Seattle at the moment but we are enjoying the days getting a bit longer. It was noticeable to me today as I picked Caitlin up from her usual playdate on Thursday afternoons. As we were getting ready to leave, shortly before 5pm, there were still streaks of light left in the sky…We’ll enjoy watching the progress of the buds for you too. Love

  2. Oh Janet, I thought you might be interested in reading Maylynn’s entry about Spring ( I just read it and thought immediately of you and your entry.

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