Posted by: Janet | January 3, 2008

Images from Seattle

the-devil-is-in-the-detail.jpg Here are a few images from my recent trip to Seattle.

winter-sky-over-ballard.jpg   winter sky over Ballard 

watch-cat.jpg  Watch cat

owner-gone-shopping.jpg owner gone shopping

a-bit-of-pink-in-a-solstice-sky.jpg a bit of pink in a solstice sky

cropped-photo-of-tea-pot.jpg tea pot for sale

eccentric-street-sculpture.jpg  Eccentric street sculpture

garden-planter.jpg  Garden planter

glass-blowing-22.jpg  Glass blowing tuition     glass-blowing-11.jpg

grandmassocks2.gif  Grandma’s socks

morning-sky.jpg outline against a winter sky


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