Posted by: Janet | January 11, 2008

Glass blowing

In Ba;;ard in Seattle I visited an art exhibition put on by 5 or 6 artists, mainly artists working in glass.  I was delighted to witness a glassblower and his student.         glass-blowing-22.jpg          glass-blowing-11.jpg  it appeared to be a fascinating process.  And I kept returning to the studios to admire the work of these artists.  I ended up buying a small ornament made by the Laughing Magpie over on Vashon Island.  A nice glass star type ornament to remind me of our visit to Seattle.  Now it is hanging on a branch in our tree in the back garden trying to catch the elusive low rays of January sunshine.  Many birds have found our garden but so far the glass ornament is still waiting for the sun.

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