Posted by: Janet | March 16, 2008

Orchestra Wives

We go through spells of watching dvd’s – Orchestra Wives was recently our viewing fare.  This was an old black and white film.  Nothing on the box to tell us when it was made but Cesar Romero was one of the actors.  Ann Rutherford played the leading lady and an actor played the part of the lead trumpet player in the Glenn Miller band.  As we watched it we thought oh this really is dreadful, so corny and less than a B film.  Yet afterward we felt that we really did enjoy it.    It was so dated, but the acting was good.  And it kind of implanted itself upon us and the scenes are still vivid.   Looking it up on google I find that it is a Fox Studio classic, made in 1942.  It was just so eerie to see Glenn Miller and his band and know that Glenn Miller did not have many years ahead of him.

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