Posted by: Janet | March 18, 2008

Betty MacDonald

2008 is the centenary of the birth of Betty MacDonald, a forthright and humourous author from the Pacific Northwest.  What is prompting me to write about her is that I have just been listening to a radio programme on the BBC.  Lynne Truss, the author of Eats, Shoots, and Leaves, put together this 30 minute broadcast about Betty and her books.

On one of my recent visits to Seattle I spotted Betty MacDonald’s book The Egg and I in a 2nd hand book store – readers of this blog know how much I enjoy roaming about in 2nd hand book stores!  The Egg and I, a book I read many years ago.  It was written in the 1940’s and I read it a few years later.  On rereading it now in 2007/08 I enjoyed it just as much as I did all those years ago.  Her approach to life is so positive and very humourous.  And Lynne Truss has put together a radio programme which has re-enforced my pleasure in reading the book.


  1. Ms. MacDonald wrote a book after that called “Onions in the Stew.” I’ve read it twice and it’s wickedly funny – definitely recommended reading.

  2. There is a very interesting Cd with Betty and her sister Alison.
    I can listen to them over and over again. They are so funny!

  3. Betty MacDonald is a wonderful author.
    There is a Betty MacDonald Fan Club with members in 23 countries.
    There are DVD/CD interviews with Betty MacDonald and her family available.

  4. I met Betty MacDonald’s family and friends in Seattle and on Vashon Island. It’s such a wonderful memory
    when I visited with Betty MacDonald’s so brilliant and funny sister Alison Bard the houses in the University District and in Laurelhurst.
    I’d like to support establishing a monument on Vashon Island for unique Betty MacDonald.
    For more info send a mail to:

  5. Anne Wellman has written an interesting and warm account of Betty’s life in her biography, published in March 2016 (‘Betty: The Story of Betty MacDonald, Author of The Egg and I’). It’s fascinating as it compares the goings-on in the novels to Betty’s true life story.

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