Posted by: Janet | June 22, 2009

I Used to be Irish


Above is a photo of the cover of the book I read on the flights during my most recent trip from Dublin to Seattle (via Chicago).  Since the year 2000 I have made this trip many times in order to visit one of our sons and his growing family.  As the years have gone by and the family has grown the pull to Seattle has become stronger and stronger.  And now we have made the big decision to move from Dublin to Seattle permanently.  Repatriation for me, emigration for Ian.  This book stirred many memories for me and sent my thoughts in numerous directions.  The author, Angela Kearns Blain, was born in Dublin in 1938.  I was born in Boston in 1936.  So we are close in age.  She left Ireland at the age of 18 to begin her married life in America – Glastonbury Connecticut where one of my sons and his family now live.  I left America in 1966, married and came to Ireland in 1968.  Dublin has been my base for most of my married life.  Now I will be returning to live in America after living abroad for over 40 years.  

When Ian retired and we returned to Dublin in the mid 1990’s, I did quite a bit of writing about the countries we had lived in and the various experiences we had had.  I wanted to publish it but felt rather shy about it and then set it aside.  But now time has moved on and I am looking at that writing again with a view to having it exposed to a wider public.  I just have to review it and get it to the printer.  I’m trying to do that in the midst of all the other things we are doing to get ready for the move. Hopefully it will be available soon for distribution to family and friends and anyone else interested.  Reading Angela Kearns Blain’s book has given me even more ideas for my writing but these will have to wait until I get the first lot out of the way.  Watch this space!


  1. Go ahead, jump in, and independently publish that book. There are alot of freelance professionals that could help you along the way –
    editors, cover designers, short run printers or print on demand! Even companies that will help you with handling your on-line orders. Check out

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    This book sounds really interesting, and you should definitely look into publishing your own experiences. That’s quite a circle you’ve lived between two very different cities. I’m sure a lot of people would be interested to know how you made the first transition to Dublin and how the repatriation will go as well.

  3. I understand what it means when your family is scattered over the world. I am making similar trips twice a year to see my daughter.

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