Posted by: Janet | June 26, 2009


The Solstice Parade

It was wonderful being in Seattle with the family.  I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite but one of the highlights was the Solstice Parade in Fremont.  We missed the actual Parade which started at 12 o’clock,  but we had a good excuse.  Earlier in the morning we had attended what turned out to be a private seminar on insurance, investment planning, and buying and selling a house.  This was a free community event but there was so much going on that day that we were the only attendees.  It was perfectly geared for our information needs at this point in time.  The presentation was excellent.  Thank you Pauline of Farm State Insurance; Gerry, April, and Leah from Windermere; Dirk from Cobalt Mortgage; and Bryce from Edward Jones.


After the seminar we hurried down to Fremont to try to catch the Parade.  Alas, we had to park so far away and walk at least a mile to get to the Parade site.  We were too late but we met many of the Parade participants as we walked along the Burke Gilman Trail.  The girls did wonderfully walking so far.  One of the features of the Parade are the imaginatively body-painted cyclists.  All kinds of colourful designs in critical places!  Susan and I were joking about how we could participate next year.  I thought I would ride fully dressed as a pioneer settler – I would be decidedly overdressed.  James thought my participation might ruin his career prospects.


The Fremont Fair in conjunction with the Parade was HUGE.  It was so crowded it was hard to see the various stands.  The girls were drawn early on to dresses at the Designs from Bali booth.  We had a good browse – Caitlin was so excited – she waved me away from the area where she was browsing – then when we finished and decided to look around the multitude of other booths before we decided to buy anything, Caitlin presented me with a lovely painted cat which she had bought for me with her own money.  That steals a grandma’s heart!!!


On we went through the crowds.  We began to feel hungry and went to look for a place to eat.  No luck – just too many people everywhere.  We decided to make our way back to the car by way of the music booth where we had seen guitars and then to the Bali tent.  Happily we found both these booths again and made our purchases.  We came away rejoicing and strumming.  And definitely decided to bring a picnic next year.

Move to Seattle 060  Here come the cyclists on the Burke Gilman Trail, after the Parade

Move to Seattle 070  Daddy, Daddy, can you buy these guitars for us?


Move to Seattle 074  Caitlin taking a little rest, before bouncing up and skipping on to the next booth


Move to Seattle 092  Ashley and Caitlin wearing their new dresses, made in Bali



Move to Seattle 101  Walking back to the car, new guitar being carried by Ashley, Caitlin has one too.

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