Posted by: Janet | June 27, 2009


Here’s a link to a fun animal puzzle – if you are in the mood for doing a 48 piece puzzle.  It took me over 7 minutes.  Average time is about 4 minutes.  7 minutes seems to be about my average when it’s a 4 minute puzzle.  You can either view these puzzles as mental warm-ups or time wasters.  Is that like the half empty/half full glass syndrome?

Now that we are so busy packing and getting ready to move to Seattle, we also are trying to keep our house tidy for the many viewers passing through our door – I could wish!  Well, it is true that we are trying to be tidy and that means not having a 1000 piece jigsaw in progress in the middle of our living room.  So I am getting my jigsaw puzzle fix by doing these daily puzzles on the computer.


  1. Good luck with your move!

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