Posted by: Janet | July 3, 2009

Summer Sings Its Own Song

Summer sings its own song – how true that was today – a beautiful day in Dublin Ireland – July 3, 2009

Move to Seattle 2 242 Diving at the 40 foot in Sandycove


Move to Seattle 2 250  Swimming at the 40 foot


Move to Seattle 2 240  It’s freezing!!


Move to Seattle 2 251  A diver hits the water


Move to Seattle 2 235  This sign speaks for itself – the 40 foot isn’t what it used to be!


Move to Seattle 2 263  Now for the reward


  1. Looks so cold but beautiful!

  2. Those are lovely photos from a lovely place. I would like to visit there.

  3. […] spot for hardy souls year round.  A few pictures of swimming there in July 2009 can be found here.  Even on that sunny, warm day – the swimmers found it COLD.   Hardy friends of mine in Dublin […]

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