Posted by: Janet | September 10, 2007

My day at the Book Fair

 at-the-dublin-city-book-fair.jpg  At the Dublin City Book Fair, 2006

This month as the lawn bowling season draws to a close, I had vague twinges of wanting to participate in the Dublin City Book Fair again.  I made a half-hearted attempt to get a table but I was too late – all the tables had been allocated.  I was actually spurred on to try to get a table by a customer at Kilternan Market who told me I should try to get a table as I filled a particular niche there at the Fairs – i.e. my books are mainly for readers as opposed to collectors.   Well, she might feel I fill a niche but I never did have a rush of paying customers.  I just had a good time but it was costing me too much money so I decided to cease trading for a while.

 So yesterday I went along as a browser as opposed to being a would-be seller.  It’s almost more fun that way – I get to see lots of friendly faces and I get more time to browse.  And I don’t lose the rent money for a table.  I found several miscellaneous “treasures”.  I had a chat with a number of friends.   One of the sellers was wearing a T-shirt identifying her as a member of the Society of Indexers.  I didn’t know such a society existed.  I’m a member of the Cataloguing and Indexing SubGroup of the Library Association of Ireland, but so far as I know this subgroup doesn’t have a T-shirt.  So I was intrigued.  I tried to find out more but she was more interested in selling me a big volume of some index or other.  She kind of switched off when she sensed I wasn’t interested in buying such a big tome.  That was a pity.  When I have a table at the Book Fair I love talking with people about their interests in books and reading, or mountain climbing or whatever.  

Here are my acquisitions from yesterday’s Dublin City Book Fair.   acquisitions-from-the-book-fair.jpg  Nothing terribly exciting.  Two music books, a book about the American West, a book about Rommel in the Desert in World War II, and an old Puffin book with lovely illustrations of British cattle breeds.

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