Posted by: Janet | January 14, 2008

Poet and Author John O’Donohue

An article in today’s Irish Times caught my attention – “Poet and author John O’Donohue laid to rest”  More information about this man whose New Year Blessing I quoted in my last entry.  He was only 52 and he died unexpectedly in his sleep on January 3rd while on a visit to the Avignon area of France.  At the funeral, his brother told the congregation one of John’s favourite jokes – it was about a farmer who sold his four pigs in the one day, carrying each pig to the fair separately and selling it before going back home for the next one.  The farmer was asked why he didn’t bring all the pigs in together and that what he was doing was an awful waste of time.  “Sure what’s time to a pig?” was the farmer’s response.  I like that joke.  I wish I had had the privilege of knowing John.

With this joke in mind today when I was browsing in the Oxfam Shop (what else to do on a cold rainy January afternoon), I spotted a neat little book titled the Little Book of Pigs, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  The pictures and accompanying text are wonderful.  I will be quoting from this book in due course.

Several of the blogs I read are about the rural life style – Irish Sally Gardens and Getting Stitched on the Farm – from these authors I am gaining an even greater appreciation of the lovable qualities of pigs.

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