Posted by: Janet | December 31, 2007

A Most Interesting Game of Scrabble

  most-interesting-game-of-scrabble.jpg               No need to read further if you are not interested in words or the game of Scrabble.  One of the items I subscribe to is Wordsmith.  The Wordsmith is based in Seattle and each day he sends his readers a word.  A few months ago I wrote a couple of blogs about textile related words.  Leading up to Christmas, the Wordsmith posed a good puzzle for his readers.  The 5 words he posted during the pre-Christmas week seemed totally unrelated and yet there was a link – the 5 words taken all together used all the letters of the alphabet, except the letter l.  Hence the correct answer to the puzzle was     no el    I didn’t know the winner but the runner-up was Andrew Robinson of Donnybrook – there I was visiting in Seattle and it was exciting to read that a Dublin person had been the runner-up in this fun contest.

I digress.  As for the interesting game of Scrabble, there were all sorts of challenges and mis-challenges – here are some of the words – jibs, braker, li, quo, thurl, qi, ka, dan, gen, om, and scive.  Some were found in the official Scrabble dictionary – some were not – any takers?

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