Posted by: Janet | March 26, 2009

Collecting Postcards

In a way, collecting postcards of far away places is a vicarious way to travel.  I am particularly interested in old postcards.  On my trip to Hong Kong in February, I found a book on my son’s bookshelf – Historic Postcards of Hong Kong, from the private collection of Arthur Hacker MBE, edited by Bob Davis.

madame-toussauds-093  Historic Postcards of Hong Kong, a fascinating book

My son’s copy had been obtained in a charity shop in London for about £2.  I ordered a copy from Alibris for $20.

On my trip to London to London last week I obtained a more modern postcard for my collection.  The card is  not connected with travel, but it is interesting  none the less.

madame-toussaudsThis is an artist card postcard.  The artist is Jean-Jacques Sempé and the title is 101st street, New York.  The copyright is 1993.

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